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EUROPEAN UNION – Border Controls and Volume of Asylum Applications Hinder Travel Throughout EU and Schengen Area

Due to the high number of asylum applications and recently implemented border controls, travelling to, from and within the European Union and the Schengen Area has become rather difficult.

Immigration services and overall travel may be affected by processing delays in response to the arrival of refugees entering the area particularly to the following countries: Austria, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia. Other factors such as border controls and the suspension of trains have already caused delays in travel in some countries such as Germany and Austria. It is not likely that air travel will be affected at the moment since most of the delays and border controls have been implemented primarily on rail and road border crossings.

Travelers, including EU nationals, should be prepared to travel with a valid passport or residence permit (if applicable) when crossing any international border within the European Union, even if passport-free travel is presently allowed.

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