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EL SALVADOR – New Temporary Residence Process for Assignees

El Salvador has introduced a new immigration process (Trámite F-36) which allows applicants to remain on employment contracts outside El Salvador (i.e. does not require a local contract) and which must be initiated before the applicant’s arrival in the country.

Who Qualifies?

The new pre-arrival temporary residence route will be available to all foreign nationals entering El Salvador to work, as long as they are not remunerated within the country.

More Details

The F-36 temporary residence application must be initiated by the Salvadoran sponsoring company prior to the arrival of the applicant, and the contract and any salary paid must remain outside the country. The temporary residence application decision should take between one and two months, which is half as long as a standard post-arrival temporary residence application with work permit for employees with local contracts. In all cases, this new temporary residence will be valid for up to a maximum of one year, and is not renewable. A new temporary residence application will need to be initiated in the case of assignments longer than one year.

What’s Changed?

Previously, it was only possible to obtain temporary residence approval for applicants with local contracts. The local contract temporary residence application, with work permit, could only be submitted upon the applicant’s arrival in the country. The existing post-arrival temporary residence process, with work permit, remains the correct route for foreign nationals hired in El Salvador with a local contract.

Action Items

  • Note that a new process is available for assignees to El Salvador.
  • Adjust planning to take into account the reduced processing times for applications, where relevant.
  • Expect some delays or changes to the required documentation as the new process is implemented.

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