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Croatia – EU ICT Permit Directive

Croatian authorities have regulated the existing ICT permit as it has recently implemented the EU ICT Directive.

The ICT permit is eligible to managers, specialists, and trainees who have worked in the same corporate group as the host company. The salary must meet the Croatian minimum market salary, as well as other employment and social insurance conditions. Qualifying dependents may join the ICT holder for the duration of their assignment, with the ability to work as well.

Managers and Specialists

  • Must have worked for the sending company for at least nine months
  • Granted initial duration of up to three years (cooling off period of six month applies)


  • Must have worked for the sending company for at least six months
  • Granted initial duration of one year (cooling off period of six month applies)

Foreign nationals that acquire an ICT permit issued by another EU Member State will be able to work and stay in Croatia for up to 90 days within a 180 day period. Notification must be sent to the Ministry of Labour and Pension System before the foreign national begins work in the other EU Member State.

A Mobile ICT Permit would be required for stays over 90 days within the 180 day period. The stay cannot exceed the validity of the initial ICT permit of the EU Member State. Further process and requirements will be available in October regarding the Mobile ICT Permit.

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