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Costa Rica – New Visa Rules

The Costa Rican Government has issued new visa rules for Non – Residents that will amend the visa requirements and the allowed periods of stay for certain nationalities to go into effect December 14, 2016.

Nationalities will be divided into two main visa groups, rather than the current four groups:

  1. Visa exempt nationals, and
  2. Nationalities that require a consular or restricted entry visa, unless they possess one of the following visas or statuses:
    • Valid multiple entry US visa, including B1/B2 visa, D visa, or C1/D visa for multiple entries
    • Canadian multiple entry visa
    • Us, EU, or Canadian legal residence with a visa that has minimum remaining validity of six months from entry to Costa Rica.

Other rules to apply:

  • Visa nationals can no longer use the following visa for an exemption to enter Costa Rica
    • Multiple entry visa from the European Union and or Schengen countries
    • Multiple entry visa from Japan
  • Nationals of the following countries will no longer be required to apply for an entry visa:
    • Brunei
    • Kazakhstan
    • Malaysia
    • Peru
    • Qatar
    • Taiwan
    • Ukraine
    • United Arab Emirates

Regardless of requiring a visa or not, all foreign nationals must comply with Costa Rica’s conditions of entry. The passport must have at least 6 months validity at the time of entry to Costa Rica and upon entry, must have a return ticket. The foreign national must also have proof of sufficient financial means for their stay in Costa Rica and must present the International Certificate of Vaccination against yellow fever.

This news alert was provided with information from Costa Rica Relocations.

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