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Canada- Canadian Immigration Fees Increasing

Effective April 30, 2022, application fees for all permanent residence matters will be increasing. These fees will include categories such as family class, business classes, humanitarian classes, and permit holders, and most importantly for those who deal with foreign workers and other potential skilled worker permanent residence applicants.

With regard to principal applicants in: federal high skilled programs, provincial nominees and Quebec skilled worker programs, the ‘Atlantic Immigration Class’, and a majority of economic pilot programs (Rural, Agri-Food), fees will increase from $825CDN to $850CDN. Furthermore, the Right of Permanent Residence Fee (ROPRF- an additional fee payable by all such applicants) will increase from $500CDN to $515CDN. (Which is a total increase from $1325CDN to $1365CDN.)

Additionally, dependents will also see a fee increase. Accompanying spouses/common-law partners’ fees will increase from $825CDN to $850CDN (and will have the same increase to the ROPRF), and accompanying children’s fees will also experience inflation from $225CDN to $230CDN.

The full PR fee list may be found here and should be consulted as the categories other than economic class have also increased.

source: Kranc Associates, Canadian Corporate Immigration Counsel

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