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BRAZIL – Police Strike to Mean Delays in Immigration Services

A Federal Police strike in Brazil is expected to begin indefinitely this week, causing delays in all immigration services. Reduced staff will result in longer wait times for new work visa holders that must register within 30 days of entry and for business visitors and tourists who are seeking to extend their stays in Brazil. Although Brazil’s Federal Police Department consists of more than 140 branch offices, staff of branches in Macaé and Recife are already on strike, with no one available to handle these requests. Federal Police staffing has also been reduced at Brazil’s ports and airports, delaying the entry and exit processes. Services for Brazilian nationals have since been suspended nationally. In São Paolo, the first available Federal Police registration appointment for work visa holders is November 20th, 2014. It should be noted that foreign nationals who do not register within 30 days of arrival under their work visa are subject to daily fines of R$8.28 (approximately $3.37 USD) until they register. Unfortunately, these individuals will still be subject to these fines despite the sheer unavailability of appointments. Foreign nationals and employers should be aware of the delays and understand the potentially negative impact on timelines, travel schedules, and putting foreign workers on the local payroll.

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