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BOTSWANA – Issuance of Short-Term Work Permits Suspended

The government of Botswana has temporarily suspended the issuance of Short-Term Work Permits (STWP) in response to claims of abuse of the STWP program. All foreign nationals wishing to work in Botswana must apply for Long-Term Work Permits in lieu of the STWPs, even if the work is for less than 90 days. This suspension will remain in effect until new processing rules for the STWP program are released.

STWPs were issued to foreign nationals whose proposed work could not be completed by local workers in Botswana. STWPs were exempt from the requirements of the standard labor market test if the foreign national was paid locally and sustained a local labor contract. The STWPs were valid for a 90-day period and could be extended for an extra 90 days.

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