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Belgium – Residence Administration Fee Increased, Extended to Renewals

Effective March 1, 2017, the Belgian federal government has increased the mandatory administrative fee for first-time residence permit and long-term D visa applications.

In addition, a new law allows municipalities to charge an administrative fee also for renewal, extension, or replacement residence permit applications.

Fee Increases

  • The fee for work permit holders has increased to 350 EUR (215 EUR previously) and for dependent family members to 200 EUR (160 EUR previously)
  • A reduced amount (60 EUR – unchanged) is to be paid by long-term residents.
  • Exemptions include nationals of the European Union (EU) and Switzerland, children under 18 years of age and refugees.

New Renewal Fee

An Act, dated December 18, 2016, allows municipalities to receive a similar contribution for the renewal, extension or replacement of some residence permits.

This Act takes effect on February 12, 2017. Its application will depend on an implementing Royal Decree, which will confirm the maximal amount of the contribution (possible around 50 EUR), and which will determine for what residence permits the contribution can be received (the contribution would in any event be due for the renewal, extension or replacement of a residence permit type A: this type of residence permit, valid for definite term, is held by work permit B holders and most of their family members).

In practice, the request to renew, extend or replace a Belgian residence permit must be submitted to the municipal authorities of the town where the foreign national resides. The new contribution, which will have to be paid on top of the administrative fee for the processing of new residence permits, is considered an equitable compensation for the administrative services provided by the municipalities.

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