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Australia – Tuition Fee to be Implemented for School-Aged Dependents of 457 Holders

In 2015, the Western Australian Government introduced a tuition fee for families on a 457 Visa (temporary skilled workers) whose children attend public schools in the Western Australian territory. In a similar step, beginning January 1, 2017, the South Australian Government plans to implement a tuition fee for families in Australia with a 457 Visa whose children attend public schools in in the South Australian territory. The tuition fee will extend to all subclass 457 Visa holders beginning January 1, 2018.

Families with dependent school aged children attending a government school will soon be obligated to pay an annual contributions. The annual contributions, beginning in January 2017 are:

  • Primary school – AUS$5,100 per student
  • High school – AUS$6,100 per student

A family that does not make a combined annual income of at least AUS$57,000 are exempt from paying the contribution fee. The full rate of the contribution fee goes into effect once a families combined annual income is equal or above to AUS$77,000. The combined annual income increases by AUS$10,000 for each additional child.

A waiver of the tuition fee contributions is available to families that experience hardship. The waivers are granted in exceptional circumstances but can help families that cannot afford the tuition fees.

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