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Australia – Amendments to Condition 8107 for 457 Visa Holders

Foreign nationals of subclass 457 visa holders are subject to work restriction condition 8107. Under current rules, the condition 8107 applies to all primary subclass 457 visa holders who, when cease work with their sponsoring employer, must leave or apply to remain in Australia within 90 days of termination. Any foreign national that stays beyond the 90 days are in breach of their visa condition and are subject to visa cancellation.

Subject to Governor-General approval, beginning November 19, 2016, the condition 8107 will be amended to a period of 60 days, rather than the current 90 days. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection is in favor to amend the condition 8107 so it is less time to for a foreign national to compete in the Australian labour market for further employment.

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