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Easing Of Travel Restrictions

The European Commission has proposed the following for travel

restrictions to be lifted for non-EU countries as of July 1, 2020

for all Member States so that it maintains a coordinated and

uniform approach:

  • Objective criteria:Restrictions should be lifted first towards non-EU countries whose

    epidemiological situation is similar or better than the EU average

    and where sufficient capabilities to deal with the virus are in

    place. In doing so, Member States should consider the non-EU

    countries’ ability to apply containment measures during travel,

    including potential transit via high-risk areas and whether that

    specific country has lifted its own travel restrictions towards the

    EU and Schengen States. These criteria are included in a detailed

    checklist issued by the Commission, to help

    Member States reach coordinated decisions.

  • Coordinated approach: Goingforward, the Commission proposes a coordination mechanism whereby

    it would provide technical support to Member States and Schengen

    Associated States and facilitate the preparation of a list of

    countries towards which travel restrictions could be lifted, which

    will be regularly updated. However, the current restrictions will

    remain in place towards countries whose situation is worse than in

    the EU. The Commission reiterates that Member States should adopt

    such decisions in a coordinated manner and ensure their uniform

    application across the EU.

Those who travel for study or highly skilled non-EU workers

whose work is deemed necessary and can’t be postponed or

performed abroad are exempt from the travel restriction. EU

citizens, citizens of Schengen Associated States, and non-EU

nationals legally residing in the EU, as well as their family

members are exempt from the travel restriction as well.

The Commission also published a guidance for Member States to resume the

processing of visa applications in parallel with its current


The content of this article is intended to provide a general

guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought

about your specific circumstances.

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